1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible : Sale Pending

1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible : Sale Pending

The last of the truly hand-built American automobiles, the stunning “suicide door” Continental convertible is an icon of ’60s style. It was quite a daring feat to put four doors on a convertible, especially so with those rear-hinged suicide doors, and is there a more desirable color combination than Triple Black?

This car has over $29,000 in restoration receipts!

New Top and weatherstrip kit. New Leather interior, and carpets. The engine, transmission, and power steering pump were all rebuilt, including a new starter, torque converter, flex plate, and all new mounts. The braking system was completely overhauled as well. New Exhaust, New Shocks, New bearings in the steering column, and a new steering box. The front suspension was treated to all new bushings, ball joints, and steering components. Even the Air Conditioning lines are all NEW, and the system was recharged.

No, this one is not perfect, but all four doors fit nicely, and that seems hard to imagine in such a mammoth open-topped machine. The paint is more than presentable, as shown in the photos, with minimal body work, and the critical floor areas are very solid. Good chrome is essential on a car like this and those big bumpers, and the accent stainless strip running along the tops of the fenders and doors, all shine in a way that’s consistent with the rest of the car. Every piece of luxury equipment imaginable was standard including power windows a power antenna power driver’s seat A/C cruise control and an AM/FM stereo radio, (which has an updated unit to be compatible with an MP3 player).

These cars are rapidly becoming A-list collectables and the price gap between nice cars and projects, that would make any sane person run away screaming, is growing all the time. This is a great opportunity to get a suicide door Lincoln, at a bargain price, considering the work that has been done to assure your driving experience is a pleasurable one.