1959 / 2008 Apache Fleetside Restomod

1959 / 2008 Apache Fleetside Restomod

This year we purchased a very cool one-off Silverado built by GM Performance parts for the 2007 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. It has just over 2,000 miles on it and is powered by a 500hp LSX 427 Crate engine.

Since the Silverado is a “prototype” built by GM it is not legal for road use and cannot be titled: our solution is to put this chassis and drivetrain under a ’59 Apache Fleetside! We will be incorporating the dash, custom leather interior and Heat / AC system into the ’59 for a completely modernized ride.

We purchased a very solid Colorado truck and have already begun the project by removing the body from the original frame and starting on the body work to make this straight and smooth. We will be adding the “big back window” to this cab as well as 1-piece side glass and other modern touches.

The cab has been stretched 4″ in the doors for extra leg room. The cowl was filled & smoothed, door edges radiused and flush-mount door handles from Kindig-It Design are being used for smooth uninterrupted body lines.

This truck is for sale at any point during the build, and can be built to your specifications if you catch us early enough!

Please contact us if you are interested: 518-852-2858