Land Rover Series 3 : Electric Power Steering Conversion

Land Rover Series 3 : Electric Power Steering Conversion

While the classic “Series” Land Rover was a well-built and versatile vehicle for its time; Driving one in modern traffic can be a real chore. Many owners find it difficult to transition from their daily driver to this tractor-like Rover with drum brakes and manual steering.

Here at Automotion Classics we have completed a number of power steering conversions using late-model Range rover components modified to fit the Series chassis. This traditional hydraulic power steering works well but required many irreparable modifications to the truck and works best in conjunction with an engine swap, as the Rover 2.25 engines were never equipped with a power steering pump.

Electric power steering is the new answer for lightly modified trucks with emphasis on originality. We have successfully installed an electric  power steering unit commonly found in modern cars which is hidden inside the dash and leaves the rest of the truck unmodified.

This system has been in use on modern vehicles for years and has proven reliable. A control knob allows adjusting of the power assist to suit your preference.

Please contact us for a quote if you’re interested in converting your Series Rover to power steering!