Children's car of the Rich & Famous : 1987 Porsche 911jr

Children’s car of the Rich & Famous : 1987 Porsche 911jr

During the outrageous late 80’s Luxury cars were being sold at an alarming rate. Porsche dealerships were selling 911’s like hot cakes,  and a limited run of 50 children’s cars were offered by Porsche dealers as the ultimate accessory for your kids to cruise around the estate. Unlike other 911 go-kart copies without the Porsche name,  this is an officially licensed Mini Porsche sold only at dealerships.

This 911jr was purchased new by a wealthy Brooklyn businessman in anticipation of a grandchild that never arrived. The car was in storage for the last 30 years until we discovered it in a warehouse and carefully cleaned it to the condition you see here. It has never been used or even had fuel in the tank. Arguably the finest unrestored example available.

The details on this Mini Porsche are amazing for a children’s toy: powered by a 2.2hp Honda engine, backed by a 3-speed manual transmission with two forward gears plus reverse. Dual disc brakes and working coil spring suspension on all four corners make this more than your average kart experience. A 12v gel-cell battery powers working headlights, turn signals,  brake lights and authentic Porsche tone horn.

Many of these cars were immediately put to use by excited children who learned to drive on them with no shortage of collisions and abuse. This one has been spared this rough treatment and is in excellent condition. The fiberglass body wears all of its original paint and decals with only a few small scratches as shown in photos. Some tiny bubbles in the finish are present on the rear quarter panels and bumper from age. Tires are in as-new condition showing zero wear. Photos inside the fuel tank show it to be in as-new condition and a bore-scope photo of the cylinder / piston top shows that it was only test-run at the factory. The included side mirror was shipped separately to avoid damage and was never installed on the car. The steering wheel still wears the remains of the price tag.

This is a rare opportunity to own one of fifty Porsche licensed 911Jr’s and possibly the only one left that is “New old stock”. This would make an excellent gift for the future Porsche collector, or a great addition to an already full Porsche Collection.