1972 Jaguar XJ6 LSX V8 swap

1972 Jaguar XJ6 LSX V8 swap

This early chrome-bumper XJ6 was brought to us by a repeat customer who wanted a daily driver that looked like a stock Jaguar but was powerful, reliable, and comfortable like a modern car.

The car was rust-free and very well preserved when it arrived; powered by a 1980’s Chevy V8 conversion made it an easy decision for us to transplant a modern “LS” V8. We used a 4.8 liter Vortec engine with 700 miles on it, originally from a GMC van. We converted the intake & fuel injectors to LS1 parts for hood clearance and used an F-body water pump and drive components. The PCM & harness were modified for stand-alone use and all the stock Smiths gauges were incorporated for a factory installed look & function.

a Th700R4 Chevrolet 4-speed automatic transmission was used with overdrive and a lock-up torque converter. This car pulls hard in first gear but also can cruise on the highway at low, comfortable RPM’s.

The Dual fuel tanks on this XJ6 were also retained: we upgraded to series 3 units which have provisions for a return line and plumbed in a modern electronic fuel selector switch with a walbro inline pump & corvette fuel regulator / filter. This was quite a task especially since it was all neatly packaged in the spare tire well while leaving room for the spare!

As these Jaguars are known for having poor Heat and A/C, we utilized the modern compressor offered by the chevy engine and built a dual-zone climate control system with an additional evaporator box and blower assembly in the trunk. The stock heater valve was replaced by an electronic servo unit and vacuum vent controls were rebuilt using custom parts. All of this is well-hidden and looks nearly stock.

The exterior was repainted in Jaguar silver with re-chromed bumpers and all new body rubber & gaskets. Inside the original wood veneer dash was painstakingly refinished by us to give a factory fresh appearance. All controls were made to look original.

Look for this car in the St. Louis M.O. area being driven and enjoyed frequently.

Please contact us for more details or if you would like to have your own build commissioned.