1970 Corvette LT1 Automotion Classics

1970 Corvette LT1 Convertible

This car was purchased from us by a collector who had us complete a concourse restoration for Judging. Completed in May 2019 it received a Top Flight award at its very first NCRS regional meet. We look forward to the owner winning more awards with this stunning car!

Here are some details: 1970 Cortez Silver Convertible, 370HP LT1. Documented with tank sticker, original order sheet, a copy of the original title and other ownership papers. Partial protect-o-plate also included.

VIN # 194670S410980 Build date: June 1970 Body color: 986 Cortez Silver Interior: 400 Black Vinyl
Tank sticker Partial protecto-plate Copy of original Title with lien release (Optional hardtop)


Look for this car at the 2020 Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals (MCACN) In Chicago!




1. Block Casting: 3790010 dated E 1 0
2. Block Stamping: 70S410980 V0513CTK (Stamping examined by NCRS judge, and deemed to be original)
3. Cylinder Heads: 3927186 Left: dated D 27 0 Right: dated D 30 0
4. Crankshaft: 1182 forged steel
5. Connecting rods: Pink rods with O cast into the end caps
6. Pistons: stock bore TRW domed pistons
7. Camshaft: Unknown at this point, but suspect it is stock (3972178) as original, still in block
8. Intake Manifold: 3972110 (date code is under the heat shield on bottom of intake. Can’t see it, but would guess it’s right)
9. Flywheel: 3973468 Nodular GM dated C 11 0
clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, and fork are all original to the car.
10. Bell housing: 3899621with inspection pan attached.
11. Ignition coil: 1115272 (T.I ignition)
Related engine parts:
1. A.I.R. system, pump with mounting bracket, diverter valve and exhaust feeds. (original dated clamps still in place)
2. Water pump: 3782698 dated C 17 0
3. Alternator: 1100884 dated 0 E 18 61 Amp
4. Starter: 1108338 dated 0 D 23
5. Radiator: 3018803 (Copper) Tag: MK9
6. Baffled oil pan
7. 8 inch harmonic balancer
8. T.I. amplifier and wiring still in car
10. Cooling fan, 5 blade, with clutch dated 5 5 70

Transmission: Main case: 3925660 Stamping: POC12B (Muncie 70 March 12th M21) 706410980 (1970 June 6 digits VIN)
Rear: 3871375 Axle code 2CFB 4 14 70
4:11 dated C 24 0