1972 Detomaso Pantera

1972 Detomaso Pantera

This Pantera Project has been off the road since 1987 and shows 66,905 miles which are believed to be original.  The car has been the victim of a High school Vo-Tech class in the late 1980’s where students took an otherwise nice original car and spread body filler unnecessarily on parts of the body as well as spraying different colors of paint & primer on the car. With that being said,  the body is in very good condition with only some pinholes of rust found in the floor pans.

The interior is complete and in good condition: Dash, gauges, and switchwork is all present and most of the electrical components function. This particular car has power windows and Air Conditioning as options.

The 351 Cleveland and all accessories is present; The engine does run when fuel is poured into the carburetor : oil pressure is good when running.

Brakes, steering and suspension components are all intact but sprayed with ample amounts of silver paint. All four original Campagnolo Magnesium wheels are present and in excellent shape.

Automotion Classics would love to restore this car for the new owner : We can complete a comprehensive stock restoration or use this as the starting point for a Restomod build.


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