1970 Camaro Z/28

1970 Camaro Z/28

This is a real, numbers matching ’70 Z/28 which came to us from the second owner. Last registered in 1977, it is amazingly complete and is believed to have under 28,000 original miles. Many years ago the car was disassembled with the intention of building a drag racer: The complete original drivetrain was set aside along with the unique date-coded original wheels and many N.O.S. parts.

The body is very solid with some rust shown in the rear quarter panels. Most of the paint was stripped by hand years ago by the second owner: It has obviously been stored well. The floor pans are excellent and the undercoating seen in photos was dealer-added when new.

The black interior is well preserved with the seats, dash and door panels showing minimal wear. The dash pad has separated a bit on the top side: Seats are original and in excellent shape.

This is a rare car, in a great color combination certainly deserving of a high quality restoration. So much time will be saved searching for original parts because, well, they’re all here!

Automotion Classics is a full-service restoration shop and could make this Z/28 into a show winner for you. It would make a great compliment to our 1970 LT1 Corvette Convertible shown here: https://automotionclassics.com.dream.website/inventory/1970-corvette-lt1-convertible




VIN # 1248700509973  

Cowl tag:   ST 70  12487  NOR210021BDY
                  TR    711             65     B     PNT
                         02C                 28.19

Block Casting # 3920010   

Casting Date  A 29 0

Stamping on pad:  V0212CTB  Partial VIN: 10N509973

(Partial VIN is stamped on rear block flange above oil filter. This is a known alternative to stamping on the pad due to the alternator being installed prior to partial VIN stamping.)

Intake Casting # 3972110

Cylinder Head Casting numbers: Both 3927186  Left dated L 16 9  Right dated B 10 0

Carburetor: 2972121 List 4555 Date code 941 1969 first week of April

Water Pump Casting # 3958692 Dated 1 27 0

Exhaust Manifolds: Left: 3942527 Dated A 20 0  Right: 3946826 Dated J 11 9

Transmission: Main Case 3925660      Tail housing 3857584        Stamping: POB10B 10N509973

Rear Axle: Casting # 3969341NF  Casting Date: A 18 0  Axle housing stamp C OZ  0130 G (An E is stamped blow this line)

Wheels: All dated K 1 0 2 5 with early 5/8 inch wide, oval shaped valve stem opening. 

A.I.R. system is complete.