1966 Corvette : Big Block 4 speed Coupe

1966 Corvette : Big Block 4 speed Coupe

1966 Big Block Coupe was treated to a frame off restoration and has been driven very sparingly since. The gentleman who restored the car was employed at a GM dealership, and purchased as many GM parts as were available at the time to complete the restoration. This was not his first foray into a full restoration, as you can see by the photos. The attention to detail is readily apparent.

The car was originally equipped with a 427/425hp, but as with most of these cars, the original engine has long since been replaced. A 70s vintage 454, dressed to look like a 390hp engine, now sits in place. The car runs, drives, and rides as smoothly as any I’ve driven. If you feel the need, there are plenty of parts available to bring this car back to its original state.

The paint, chrome, stainless trim, and interior are all in excellent condition. There is one small blemish in the paint on the driver’s side fender just in front of the door. Approximately 1/8 X 3/8 inch (See photo). I would guess that the paint lifted right on the bonding strip, and personally, I wouldn’t touch it. Other than that, the paint is gorgeous.

The interior was fully restored as well. The gauge cluster was sent out for a full refurbishing, seats carpet and all details were attended to. The driving experience is second to none.