70 roadrunner Restomod by Automotion Classics

1970 Roadrunner : Restomodding a muscle car Icon

This gorgeous 1970 Roadrunner was brought to us by Doug in TX whom we met at SEMA 2017 with our Challenger “Kryptonite”. Doug told us about this real 440 6 Pack 4-speed Roadrunner that he’s owned since high school. The car looked good but had drive-ability issues and was rarely driven.

Automotion Classics made a plan for this rare bird: Upgrade the original 440 with a 6-pack fuel injection setup to bring performance and reliability into the 21st century. We will also upgrade to a 5-speed Tremec transmission from Silver Sport Transmissions while keeping the appearance mostly stock using their Perfect-fit kit.

Suspension is upgraded with Reilly Motorsports front & rear tubular suspension kits with big Baer disc brakes and rack-n-pinion steering.


Please contact us if you would like to have your own restomod build commissioned.