1962 Pontiac Grand Prix : Super Duty Tribute

Mark’s handsome 62 Grand Prix was brought to us for a traditional hot rod treatment. We plan to remove the stock 303HP 389 in favor of a later 421 tri-power engine which we will upgrade with Aluminum heads, roller cam and Long Branch manifolds flowing through a nice dual exhaust.

We’re also ditching the “slim Jim” transmission in favor of a long tailshaft TH400 for firm shifts and reliability. A custom shifter from a later GTO will look stock but allow us to properly control the upgraded transmission.

We will be upgrading the suspension with super duty spec springs, gas shocks and sway bars front & rear.  A set of 15″ wheels & tires will give better handling & tire soze options to the iconic 8-lugs.

Check back often for updates! Feel free to contact us if you have a build idea of your own.