Now is the time to invest in classic cars!

According to the Suedwestbank’s OTX Classic Car index, investing in classic cars can be a smart move  for your portfolio. Since 2005 the prices of classic Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and Porsche models have more than quadrupled in Germany, beating the stock market’s net increase of 204% over the same period.

With interest in classics sharply on the rise, as indicated by ballooning classic Porsche prices in recent years, and muscle car prices before that, now is the time to find down your perfect classic before it goes out of reach.

While a 911 that might have cost $20k a decade ago is now a $45k car(if not more), many classics remain within reach, though given current trends they may not stay that way forever. Let us help you find your perfect car, or turn your personal project into the car of your dreams.

Keep checking in for updates on projects as they come through the Automotion Classics garage. This 1995 Range Rover long wheelbase just came to us from a client for restoration, and our Roadrunner project is coming closer and closer to completion.