Automotion Classics Newsletter: June Edition

Automotion Classics Newsletter: June Edition

Blue seems to be the top color here at Automotion Classics for 2018. We currently have no less than five blue cars on hand, ranging from our 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner project car to an Azzurro 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta to a beautiful Pontiac GTO that recently came to us for prep work. Of course, we are a shop in motion, and blue or not, we like to keep you periodically updated about the progress of the many exciting classic cars under our roof.

The engine and suspension on our 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner are beginning to take shape. Inspired by Project Krpytonite, our 1970 Challenger, this car aims to combine the Roadrunner’s classic appearance with modern performance. The approach here is rather different to Project Kryptonite, however. The owner, Doug, has owned this numbers-matching 440-powered Road Runner since high school, and he wanted to retain a greater level of originality in this build than was seen in the Gen III Hemi-powered Kryptonite.

The original 440ci V8 is still fed by a six-pack, albeit an EFI six-pack for easier tuning and improved drivability. Like Project Kryptonite the suspension has been thoroughly modernized. Coilovers and Baer brakes are fitted at all four corners, and check out those tubular control arms!

The original transmission has been replaced by a 5-speed Tremec from Silver Sport Transmissions. Their perfect-fit kit will help keep the appearance as close to stock as possible.

Our ’61 Corvette is a much more recent addition to our project car stable. This build is based around our existing custom-fabricated tubular chassis, designed to fit modern Corvette underpinnings to a classic Corvette. Recently commissioned by a client, this build incorporates C4 Corvette front suspension, C5 rear suspension, and a rear-mounted 6-speed manual transaxle with a shortened torque tube to fit the shorter C1 wheelbase.

The suspension components are forged aluminum throughout, and have been polished to a high sheen. Power will be provided by a 2014 LS3 V8, and the whole car will be subtly modernized, including modern heat and A/C.

In addition to new projects, new cars are becoming available for sale. Our latest acquisition is this Land Rover Defender. This left hand drive ex-military vehicle is powered by a Perkins diesel engine and shows just 9,000 kilometers (5,600 miles) from new. The truck was recently refurbished at a depot before coming into private hands, and is ready to drive or modify. Might we suggest an LS swap?

Other cars currently in the shop include a Camaro SS 396 convertible, which is nearing completion, our beautiful 35k mile 1970 Challenger R/T and a lovely GTO The Judge belonging to a client. The Challenger is currently available for $59,500, and the car’s full history and restoration photos can be found on its listing page.

Check our inventory page regularly for updates on new cars as they become available!

We’d also like to congratulate Brian, the new owner of our LS7-powered GTO restomod. The GTO shares Brian’s garage with a C6 Corvette Z06, which shares the same dry-sump LS7 power as the GTO.

For more updates from us, you can also find us on Instagram, where we post up-to-the-minute updates on the many cars that come through our doors!