1990 Defender 110 3-Door : 200TDi Automatic Conversion

1990 Defender 110 3-Door : 200TDi Automatic Conversion

A customer in Nantucket came to us with a request for a fun Island vehicle: We selected a very nice 1990 Defender 110 3-door with a soft top already installed and a sturdy roll cage for safety. We will be converting to Left-Hand Drive

The original 200tdi engine is very reliable and provides enough power for the low-speed driving it will see while on-island. We will be completing some preventative maintenance to keep it running well for years.

The customer requested an automatic transmission so we will be removing the LT77 5-speed manual in favor of a 4HP22 4-speed automatic transmission originally found in a 200TDi Discovery in the U.K.

The interior will be  fitted with a Td5 modernized dash and NAS style center console with Automatic shifter plate.

Check back often for updated photos and please contact us if you would like to commission your own custom build.