1971 Camaro Z/28

1971 Camaro Z/28

This 1971 RS Z28 was recently purchased in Holmdel New Jersey from the 3rd owner. He bought the car years ago from his brother, and his brother bought it from the original owner while dating the original owners sister. All in the family, eh?

As an interesting footnote… the second owner was a roadie for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band when he bought the car.

Aside from being one of only 4,862 Zs produced in 1971, it also has the RS package, and has the custom interior option with the woodgrain dash, console plate, etc. It is also one of only 1,721 4 speed manual transmission Camaros produced that year. By 1971 the Turbo 400 was used in the vast majority of Camaros with any power.

While the original Z body was in decent shape with a new firewall and one piece floor installed, we decided to purchase another 1971 manual transmission Camaro with a near perfect body and still in original paint, for the resurrection. The Z was originally Placer Gold with black stripes from the factory, which most people don’t care for. I was thinking about painting it Ascot blue that the donor car wore from the factory, with black stripes. The final choice will be up to the purchaser.

As you can see from the photos, we stripped the donor body to bare metal and found very little rust which has now been repaired correctly by the experts at our body shop. The body is in black primer currently.

The original 3:73 Eaton Posi is present with the GM gears still in place. I have a 1971 010 casting, Z28 manual transmission 4 bolt main block with original pad stamped CGP suffix and date coded perfectly for this car. Even the VIN stamping is very close to the one on the car. Almost impossible to find, and it is NOT a restamped block. Correct dated 487 cylinder heads, a near perfect 594 intake, valve covers, and original air cleaner. A new in the box oil pan with windage tray, correct timing cover, 8″ balancer, 621 bell housing, deep groove pulleys, and the original 837 alternator with brackets. Yes, I even have the correct dated coded, fully rebuilt 692 “long” water pump. The original power steering, brake booster, and master cylinder are also present. Hell, I even have a 178 NOS GM camshaft in its unopened tube, at an extra cost, if you have to have it.
Finally, with the car is a 1971 CC 1 661 Muncie case, and the original 4 speed shifter. The CC is for counter case and the 1 stands for 1971. Apparently there was some issue with the original 4 speed and the counter case was its GM replacement.
The original power steering, brake booster, and master cylinder are also present.

The point is…. most of the “real” Z28s offered for sale have some variation of stroked small block, or big block under the hood, that are nowhere near correct part numbers or date codes. Who knows what transmission was used, or other key components that are missing. If you’re interested in having a 1971 Z28 Camaro that is as close to original as possible, this is your candidate. You tell me how far you want to go and we’ll build it together.


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